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    rowning and 29▓ were murdered.The parents of 104 chil

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    bury them. The news was heartbreak▓ing, but at least families k

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tal ▓darkness.Along with his three friends who also suffer from blind

ness, Thupten embarks on an exciting adventure. Together they decide t▓

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o go to Shenzhen in south China's G▓uangdong Province, a city more than 3,700 km away from Tibetan regional capital Lhasa. They choose Shenzhen because Kelsang, the youngest of the four children, measures the distance with his arm on the map▓ a

nd realizes that it is merely a forearm away.During the▓ trip Thupten is to serve as the group's leader because,▓ despite his ailing sight, he is the ▓only one among them who can see anything at a▓ll.The reason for the children's decision to go to

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national audience b▓y participating in a Shenzhen-based reality ▓show.The foursome's trip is indeed fun, but also turns out to be dangerous as well. Luckily, help is on han▓d alo

rching in vain.C

ng the way in the form of a nom▓ad family, a shepherd, a motorcycle club, and a TV producer's assistant.The film is in fact inspired by a true story. In 2010, a group of nine Ti

hina's new t

betan children sang on the stage of the reality show China's Got Talent, which was broadcast nationwide. Aged 10 to 13, all of them were students f▓rom the school for blind childr

en in Lhasa, earning a rousing applause from the four judges ▓and studio audien

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ople offered help, including the ticket method. My wife and I wi

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nge our contact information or shut off our mobile phones. We are waiting for good news," said the 34-year-old father who has never s▓topped searching for his child.Most netizens

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th chainsCou

ple arrested in Southern California for shackling 13 child▓ren to beds with chains01-16-2018 15:▓40 BJTLOS ANGELES, Jan. 15 (Xinhua) -- A couple living in Southern California was

March 10.T

artment.An i

nvestigation was i▓nitiated Sunday morning after a 17-year-old gir▓l fled from the suspects' residence, police said, adding that the victim used a mobile phone to call 911, repor

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surroundings," the notification dis▓closed. "Deputies located what they believed ▓to be 12 children inside the house, but were sho▓cked to discover that seven of them were actually

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ble▓ exoskeleton for disabled childrenMore▓ galleriesPower walke

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Tibet is abou

t the four Tibetan ki

r: 5-year-old boy walks with ▓portable exoskeleton for disabled c

  • hildrenPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on Wechat'+sli.t▓ext()+'Dingjie border police station of T▓ibet Public Security Frontier Corps has carr▓ied out an activity of 'border mothers' helpi▓ng children of poor fam

    ilies. Nine female o

  • fficers▓, called border mothers, have claimed 15 poverty-stricken ▓children from Dingjie Central Primar▓y School. More galleries'Border mothers' give love to child▓ren of poor families in TibetPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code

    to follow us on We

  • chat'+sli.text()+'Li ▓Ying, 46, was a mother of a handicapped child. She established a kindergarten for the handicapped child▓ren in 2005. Li has now become a 'caring mother' for more than 100 handicapped children.More galleriesCaring moth▓er takes care of more than

    100 handicapped

ds -- Thu

childrenPle▓ase scan the QR Code to follow us on I▓nstagramPleas

pten, Sonam, Kelsang

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and Droma -- achievin


g their d▓reams aga


inst all odds.Th


upten is a 10-

Code to follow us on Wechat'+sli.text()+'3D printing technologie

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is plunged into to
克山县小学 吉安县中学 北京中学 稷山县小学 包头市中学 怀仁县小学 满洲里市中学 安远县中学 阳原县中学 万荣县中学 友谊县中学 福清市中学 兴化市中学 锦州市中学 山东小学 淮北市小学 湖口县小学 大丰市小学 湖口县中学 永丰县小学